Lawn Boy Mowers

Lawn Boy Mower
Lawn Boy mowers usually get some of the greatest lawn mower ratings, it is interesting to recognize how the company got its begin. Predating the second World War, Lawn Boy mower Company got its modest start with a motor designed by Ole Evinrude. Amazingly, it wasn't a engine for a lawn mower. That engine was actually intended for use on motorboats. However, it wasn't long before the manufacturer started making lawn mowers and grew to become a leader in lawn care innovation.

In 1989, The Toro Company acquired Lawn Boy, and subsequently consolidated towards the Toro head office in Bloomington, Minnesota. After the acquisition from Toro, Lawn-Boy has released brand new series of lawn mowers, including a new collection of walk-behind mowers and a completely new category of Zero Radius Turning mowers.

Continuing with Lawn Boy history of continually advancing and enhancing the products, their push mowers have recently undergone a major modernize. The newest functions make numerous of Lawn Boy mower incredibly easier to utilize.

A typical trouble with a lot of lawn mowers is their unusual shape, which often can cause them to become hard to store. All residential Lawn Boy mowers contain a function that makes them easy to store, by using a lever or knob. This trait is found in most of 3 lines of Lawn Boy mowers.
If you are searching for any lawn mower with an electrical launch, a couple of Lawn Boy Insight products might pique your attention. These types of mowers contain Tecumseh LV 195 engines and steel decks. They also include a blade control system as well as the easy to stow feature. Nevertheless, this Insight Gold and Insight Platinum include minor variances from the base model.

The Insight Gold mowers, although much like the Insight, use a Honda GCV 160 engine alternatively. They also contain a three year warranty, whereas the Insight mowers just come with a 2 year warranty.

The greatest difference among the 3 series is the Insight Platinum series. Their models may include either Honda or Tecumseh engines and the simple to store feature is also present. Nevertheless, these mowers contain a better maximum cutting height, their deck isn't steel; it is produced from aluminum, the transmissions are maintenance-free and come with a 5 year warranty.